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About Us

Artisanal french macarons handcrafted in Palmyra, PA

Baked Fresh. Local.

You will know it's real when you take your first bite

French macarons do not hide - they are vibrant in color and should be equally as vibrant in taste. 


Sweet Velvet Macarons offers handmade, fresh and flavorful bites of heaven. A dainty crisp shell surrounds a bold, creamy filling. You will be amazed such a delicate cookie can pack such a bold taste and texture.

We are passionate about taste and make our Macarons fresh every day in our bakery in Lemoyne PA. Our fillings are made from scratch to ensure we achieve optimal flavor pairing and greatest freshness at every bite.


Our head pastry chef & owner, Sara, brings her creative touch and years of experience innovating with flavors to bring you a great tasting Macaron.

"You will be delighted every month with a new assortment of our thoughtfully curated flavors, bringing you both bold and exciting flavors such as Lavender Limoncello or Cherry Blossom, as well as customer favorites, like Creme Brûlée and Birthday Cake."

Stop by our bakery to see our vast selection of flavors and to try one of our freshly baked Macarons.

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