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About Us

Our Sweet Beginning

Welcome to Sweet Velvet Macarons, where every bite is a handmade, fresh, and flavorful journey to heaven. Imagine a dainty crisp shell that encases a bold, creamy filling—each macaron a delicate marvel that surprises with its rich taste and texture.


Hi! I'm Sara, head pastry chef and owner of Sweet Velvet Macarons. My journey into the world of creativity and baking has been a tale of balance and passion. With a background in Economics and music performance, I embarked on a career as a business consultant.


However, my heart longed for a more artistic pursuit. Baking has always been my passion, a hobby I nurtured by creating pastries for a non-profit organization. Living in the New York area inspired me to hone my pastry skills further, leading me back to school. Among all the pastries, macarons presented an irresistible challenge I was determined to master.

The Art of Macaron Making

"Mastering the Marvel: My Quest for the Perfect Macaron"

A Home Kitchen Turned Bakery Dream

From Oven to Open: The Birth of Sweet Velvet Macarons

After several years of trial and error, achieving consistent perfection, I took a leap of faith in 2018. My home became my bakery base after it passed inspection and I obtained my food license. Initially, I catered to small custom orders, with customers frequently visiting my home for pickups.

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Growth, Glaze, and Glorious Flavors: Our Expansion Story

The demand quickly outpaced my humble kitchen's capacity, propelling me to open a small, character-filled shop in downtown Palmyra in 2019. What was meant to be a commercial baking space blossomed into a thriving retail operation, thanks to overwhelming community support. Starting with a modest selection available only on weekends, we soon found ourselves selling out every week.

Expanding Our Sweet Horizons

Family, Flavor, and the Future

Our journey of growth continued, and by 2021, the need for expansion led us to move to the Lemoyne area, allowing us to open a second location in Camp Hill in the summer of 2022. The West Shore community welcomed us warmly, and recognizing our Lancaster area customers' dedication, we opened our third location there in 2023.


This adventure has truly become a family affair, with my husband joining to manage retail operations, and even our children have learned the art of macaron making, supporting us during peak times.


A Family Affair: Mixing Love, Labor, and Luscious Macarons


Discover Delight: A Monthly Macaron Adventure Awaits

A Flavorful Invitation

Every month, we delight our customers with a new assortment of thoughtfully curated flavors. From bold and innovative creations like Lavender Limoncello and Cherry Blossom to beloved classics such as Crème Brûlée and Birthday Cake, there's always something new to discover.


I invite you to visit us and explore our vast selection of flavors. Try one of our freshly baked macarons; we're always happy to offer a sample of our delicious creations.

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